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Agape Martinis is born of the best quality Extra Virgin Olive oil available from the family of Martinis Family Brand Olive products.

Martinis Olive Oil is produced 100% from Greek olive trees and it is never blended with other foreign oils. It is 100 percent natural, premium quality olive oil. It’s certified according to the International Standards, which ensures that you will get the fullest flavor and aroma and quality.

This line, specifically, is a Premium Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar line. It is an inspiration of Love which in ancient Greece had many forms, but Agape is the purest and highest Love for All. Founder and creator of this line, A. Benoit’s source of purity comes from the face of this line, her daughter – Chase Madison Ceres Benoit.

The loving spirit bestowed upon this child has become an inspiration for this company, and has motivated this exclusive online product line, in her name and spirit, to help those less fortunate than many of us.

Your purchase of Agape Martinis EVOO will put food directly on the ground in Haiti, as we roll out this new line.

We are supporting the MarchForHaiti Cause, which seeks to raise awareness of the victims in Haiti, that will need our help into the future. We are donating 25% of all bottle sales in the month of March, to this cause, and invite you to support us in this endeavor.

Heart Healthy cooking, Love and spreading kindness, and support of those in need are the core values of this line. Purchase your supply now, and save lives – yours, your family’s and those people we reach in Haiti.


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